5 Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Used Car Dealership

Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2023

Shopping for a used car can either be an enjoyable experience or a stressful one.

What makes the difference? Choosing the right dealership!

You want to be sure that a dealership will take care of you, your car, and your wallet. Keep reading for five things you should consider when choosing a used car dealership.

1. Customer Service

We often think about customer service as something that happens after the purchase of a vehicle. However, when choosing a used car dealership, you'll want to make sure its customer service is excellent before, during, and after the sale.

First, take note of how you're treated while in the initial shopping stages; before you're a customer. When you called to inquire about a vehicle, were you provided with all the information you needed to make an informed decision?

Next, you'll want to note how you are treated during your visit. Finally, and arguably most importantly, you'll want to know how the customer service is after the purchase. If you have a question about your recently purchased vehicle, you need to know you'll be taken care of. 

2. Online Reviews

A great way to gauge the customer service level of a dealership, especially how they treat customers after a sale, is to read its reviews. This allows you to identify a great dealership without even leaving your home!

There are a few key places you can read reviews about a dealership; Google, Facebook, CarFax, CarGurus...these are just a few of the online resources that will give you a numerical review of overall customer satisfaction. Be sure to check a few of these resources to get a good gauge of a dealership's overall customer service. A good indicator of a quality dealership is a rating of at least 4.5 out of 5 stars or 3.5 out of 4 stars.

3. Selection of Vehicles

Another thing to consider when choosing a used car dealership is its selection. Sure, you may have a make or model in mind! However, it's best practice to consider your options before making a selection. You'll want to compare the features and benefits of multiple models to ensure you are getting the best value.

When choosing a dealership, make sure they have a wide array of the following: makes, models, years, and prices.

4. Vehicle Warranty

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a dealership is the quality of their vehicles. Because these cars aren't new, you need to be sure that you won't have any major issues in the future. A great way to gauge this is by the dealership's warranty.

There are a lot of old wise tales when it comes to the warranty a dealer must provide; for instance, most customers go into the dealership with the impression that every used car comes with at least thirty days of warranty coverage. In New York State, however, if a vehicle has under eighty thousand miles, dealers are required to warranty for at least sixty days. Conversely, if a vehicle has over 100,000 miles, the dealer is not required by law to provide any coverage at all! Unfortunately, most dealers won't inform you of the additional coverage and certainly won't make you aware that the car you're buying is not covered. Oftentimes, they will let a customer remain under the assumption they have thirty days of coverage only to get an unpleasant surprise in the future when it's too late.

At CNY Drives, we offer a best-in-the-business 60-Point Vehicle Inspection. This means that we've identified 60 critical points under which each vehicle is carefully scrutinized and held to the highest standards. Vehicles with under 100,000 miles adhere strictly to New York State laws governing vehicle coverage, and vehicles with over 100,000 miles come with no less than ninety days or 4500 miles of power train warranty, assuring all the vital components of your pre-owned automobile are covered through your first period of ownership. As an added bonus, each car is also CARFAX Advantage Certified!

5. Financing Options

When shopping for a car, the majority of people choose to finance. However, some dealerships don't offer an array of financing options. They only work with one bank or offer one type of financing; this creates a one-size-fits-all loan that is costly for those who have worked hard to have a high credit rating and does nothing for people who might need that little extra help. You'll want to be sure that the financing a dealership offers aligns not only with your budget but shows compassion for those who may have a few bumps in the road but need a quality vehicle nonetheless.

We hope these insights make your car buying process a bit less intimidating. Feel free to browse our inventory, read our reviews, and learn more about our industry-leading warranty, Big Luke's Pre-Owned Promise. CNY Drives is Syracuse, Fulton, Fort Drum, and the greater Central New York area's trusted, quality, used car dealer.