A Walkthrough of Our 60 Point Inspection

Posted Tuesday, Jan 25, 2022

At CNY Drives, we guarantee that each and every vehicle in our inventory has passed our rigorous 60 Point Quality Check. That is our Pre-Owned Promise- our commitment to providing CNY Drives customers only with top-quality vehicles that have passed our comprehensive quality control evaluation.

Our rigorous inspection protocol guarantees that all parts of a vehicle that could have wear are in excellent operating condition. This means that the brakes, tires, bearings and bushings have been thoroughly inspected and have at least half of their wearable life remaining.

CNY Drives’ 60 Point Promise also guarantees that the structural integrity of the vehicle is in no way compromised. This means that our vehicles have never had structure repairs due to collision, and they have no deterioration due to rust that compromises the structural integrity of the vehicle.

At CNY Drives, we also guarantee that your vehicle runs and drives properly. Our 60 Point Inspection ensures that the engine, transmission, and any other drive components are functioning as they should within factory specifications. This includes 4x4 and AWD systems.

Additional inspection items: Exhaust - must have no leaks or be compromised in any way. Gaskets, hoses, seals - may have no active leaks or visible compromisation.

Next, every vehicle receives a fresh oil and filter change, four-wheel alignment, and tire balance and rotation. We check all vehicle fluids to ensure that they are clean, properly functioning with proper coloration, and all reservoirs filled to manufacturer specifications.

Finally, we perform a quality check drive when all repairs are complete to ensure that the vehicle is operating properly and ready to transfer ownership. That is our 60 Point Promise; every single vehicle at CNY Drives has been thoroughly inspected to ensure that our customers only have access to top-quality inventory.

Big Luke’s Tip: 

Since our inception in 2016, the preceding quality check has been our standard. As of 2019, the Big Luke’s Pre-owned Promise moniker was introduced to clarify to you, the customer, the steps CNY Drives takes to distinguish its cars from the competition. We know that there are other dealers with quality cars out there, and Big Luke’s tip to you is to use his pre-owned promise as a template to scrutinize any used car you consider purchasing. We may not have the car you need, but we can at least give you the ammunition to buy with confidence.