Does Mileage Really Matter? Let us Explain.

Posted Wednesday, Feb 02, 2022

When you shop for a used car, you’ll likely see a vehicle’s mileage displayed. Some will tell you that it’s the most important factor to consider when making your decision. Others will say to overlook the number. But does mileage really matter when choosing a used vehicle? We’ll help you navigate this age-old debate.

1) Good maintenance is key

Ultimately, more important than mileage is the way the vehicle was maintained. If the previous owner took great care of their car - like having regular oil changes and tune-ups - the car will run longer, despite the mileage. Be sure to also check a vehicle’s CarFax report for any accidents or damage. A well-maintained, accident-free car with 90k miles will likely last longer than a poorly maintained car with 70k miles.

2) Mileage is different by make and model

Ever had a friend or family member with a car with over 200k miles? Many of us have. Some car brands are just built to run longer. Brands like Toyota and Honda have developed lower-stress engines that don’t wear out as quickly; many of these vehicles will last for over 100k miles. Do your research on a vehicle’s make before you write it off due to its mileage.

3) Technology advancements have increased the lifespan of many vehicles

Years ago, mileage may have been the main factor in determining the condition of a vehicle. However, advancements in car technology have helped move the needle. Far less physical wear and tear occurs on a car as it’s driven. It’s not uncommon now to see a car with high mileage without rust or other physical imperfections.

In summary, if a car has been properly maintained, has a great engine, and is physically in great shape, a car with high mileage can be a great choice! We hope these insights make your car buying process a bit less intimidating. Feel free to browse our inventory, read our reviews, and learn more about our industry-leading warranty, Big Luke's Pre-Owned Promise. CNY Drives is Syracuse, Fulton, Fort Drum, and the greater Central New York area's trusted, quality, used car dealer.

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