How to Choose a Car To Fit Your Lifestyle

Posted Saturday, Feb 12, 2022

At CNY Drives, we offer a wide selection of quality vehicles for our customers. But we know that narrowing down which type of car to choose can sometimes be an overwhelming task!

That’s why we put together a guide to help you select the best car to fit your lifestyle. By reading about different types of vehicles, you’ll learn about the benefits of each and be able to determine which will work best for you.

1. Sport- Utility Vehicle

Sport-Utility Vehicles, or SUVs, offer a wide range of benefits for any lifestyle. These vehicles tend to be taller and larger than a regular car. This size allows for a roomier interior, more legroom, and plenty of storage space in the trunk. For families that are looking for an alternative to a minivan, many SUVs offer three rows of seating without the sliding doors. SUVs also have a taller ground clearance than a car and four-wheel drive, so they can be taken off paved roads or on your daily trek through those Central New York Winter days. For families or those who enjoy adventures and traveling, SUVs are a great pick.

2. Sedan

A traditional sedan has four doors and a standard size trunk. The size of these vehicles can vary, from compact to full size. Traditionally, sedans are safer than SUVs or larger vehicles due to their center of gravity. They also use less gas, so the driver can save at the pump. Sedans also are generally cheaper than SUVs, so they are a more economical choice for your wallet overall.

3. Minivan

The days of minivans being just for soccer moms and furniture deliveries are over! Today, minivans offer many of the same features that you would see in an SUV or high-end sedan. The benefits of a minivan are their three rows of seats and ample storage space. These vehicles are great for those who travel with a lot of items or for those with larger families.

4. Pick-Up Truck

Pick-up trucks were previously reserved for those who worked in construction or service-based industries. While they are still great for those drivers, they offer benefits for the everyday car shopper as well! With options for two and four door trucks, there is plenty of space in the cab to transport multiple members of your friends and family. Plus, having a truck bed allows you to carry nearly anything you need; from furniture, to mulch to sporting equipment and everything in between. Also, pick-up trucks are no longer limited to V8 engines. Trucks like the GMC Sierra Hybrid and Ford F150 Ecoboost boast over 23 miles to the gallon and can still tow upwards of 10,000 pounds. Trucks can service anyone from the light fisherman needing a place for his pole and the suburban mom whose kids are into kayaking!

5. Hybrid Vehicle

Hybrid vehicles have both a gas engine and electric motor - and include technology that decides which power plan is most efficient for the current driving conditions. These vehicles are relatively new; however, there are now many options beyond the Toyota Prius now on the market. The overwhelming benefit of these vehicles are their cost-savings at the pump. Due to their hybrid nature, you’ll need far less gas to get where you’re going.

We hope these insights make your car buying process a bit less intimidating. Feel free to browse our inventory, read our reviews, and learn more about our industry-leading warranty, Big Luke's Pre-Owned Promise. CNY Drives is Syracuse, Fulton, Fort Drum, and the greater Central New York area's trusted, quality, used car dealer.

Luke’s Tip: You can read 50 pages of information on vehicles, but it’s got to feel right to your gut. It’s best to test- drive several vehicles you’re interested in and pick the one that feels right. At CNY Drives, there’s no pressure to buy. EVER. We want our customers to leave with that “warm fuzzy feeling.”