The Benefits of Financing Your Used Vehicle.

Posted Sunday, Dec 11, 2022

Shopping for a used vehicle doesn’t have to be stressful - or expensive. At CNY Drives, we pride ourselves on making used car purchases affordable and accessible. Our mission is to match customers with the right vehicle and have fun doing it. We negotiate with the bank to find the right financing option for our customers, taking the stress out of the auto-loan process. We also aim to educate our customers on the potential benefits of choosing a financing option. Learn more about why financing your next car is a great option that gives you more flexibility when choosing a vehicle.

Low Down Payment and Upfront Cost

By choosing an affordable financing option for your next vehicle, you can avoid having to pay high upfront costs. Financing your used car purchase can help you get behind the wheel faster, without having to shell out for a large down payment. CNY Drives excels at helping customers to secure financing regardless of their credit history. We work directly with multiple lenders to find the best financing option for our customers. By choosing a financing option for your used vehicle, you can avoid high upfront costs and get on the road quicker.

Improve Your Credit Score

Financing your used vehicle is also a great way to improve your credit rating. By making consistent payments on your auto loan, you can build a strong credit history and offset negative credit. Even if you have a negative credit history, CNY Drives will work with you to secure a financing option for your vehicle. By repaying your auto loan on time, you can begin to rebuild your credit score and demonstrate a healthy credit history.

Have Access to an Increased Budget 

Choosing an affordable financing option for your vehicle also means that you have more leeway when it comes to your budget. An affordable financing option gives you more flexibility with which vehicle you can purchase, and allows you to find the right car regardless of your initial budget. You might be looking for particular features in a vehicle, such as Bluetooth or a navigation system, and opting to finance your car can make these more achievable.

Protect Your Savings

While paying for your vehicle in cash can also be a great option, financing allows you to maintain your savings without spending it all at once. Having cash on hand for emergencies or unexpected expenses is always recommended. Financing may be the right option for you if you are hoping to protect your savings while you make incremental payments on your vehicle.

Overall, choosing to finance your used vehicle purchase has many benefits. CNY Drives is dedicated to helping our customers find a great, reliable vehicle at a reasonable rate. Choosing the right used car doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, and the right financing option can alleviate some of the stress that comes with affording a used vehicle. CNY Drives will work with you and your unique financial situation to help determine the best option for your next vehicle.

Feel free to browse our inventory, read our reviews, and learn more about our industry-leading warranty, Big Luke's Pre-Owned Promise. CNY Drives is Syracuse, Fulton, Fort Drum, and the greater Central New York area's trusted, quality, used car dealer.

Big Luke’s Tip: Auto loans can be paid off at any time without a prepayment penalty. Signing up for financing doesn't mean you are married to a 5 or 6 year loan term; You can use the low monthly payments for as long as you need. When you are more capable or more comfortable paying off the balance, you can do so at any time and avoid paying the rest of the interest. At CNY Drives, there is no interest penalty - all interest is calculated daily, and any vehicles paid off early will not incur interest on the remainder of the loan. 

Having bad credit at the time of purchase doesn't mean you will pay high interest for the whole life of the loan. At CNY Drives, we specialize in assisting our customers with refinancing at a much more comfortable interest rate 6 to 12 months after purchase. If you have bad credit and you take on a high interest rate loan, we can almost always get another bank at a lower interest rate to take on the debt - and cut your payments down substantially - as long as we can show the bank you've made some timely payments. We have a strong track record of doing this as long as customers make on-time payments. This means you can pay off your loan quicker and upgrade sooner.

The team at CNY drives has over 50 years of combined experience in automobile finance. Even though we are one of the less expensive automobile dealers, we have more banks and stronger buying power than almost all of the big players in the industry locally. Please, keep us honest; Come in to apply for financing, and you won't be disappointed.